Douglas Schwartz, PhD, director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, is responsible for the poll's methodology and all aspects of the survey process, directing each project from conception through analysis. He is also the chief spokesperson for the Connecticut polls.

Schwartz began his career as a survey associate with the CBS News election and survey unit and as an election night analyst for the late 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley. He has taught courses on polling methodology and has served as president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research's New England Chapter.

He has a BA (cum laude) from Connecticut College, and earned both an MA (in political science with a concentration in survey research) and PhD (in political science) from the University of Connecticut.


Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, has more than 30 years of experience as a political journalist and editor in Washington, D.C., New England and Florida. Brown is the chief spokesman for the Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia polls, and works with Doug Schwartz to develop, analyze and present the results of the polls.

He was previously a political reporter for United Press International, served as the White House correspondent and then political editor for Scripps Howard News Service in Washington, D.C., and also was the editor of the Insight section of the Orlando Sentinel.

Brown, who covered 11 national political conventions and presidential campaigns from 1976-96, has a BS in radio television news and an MS in journalism from Syracuse University. He was also a Neiman Fellow at Harvard.


Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, has extensive political and wartime reporting experience. He provides analysis of national polls and polls in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Georgia.

A 33-year veteran of television news, Malloy has won five Emmy Awards for local news coverage and Associated Press Awards for breaking news coverage. His career includes work at WPIX-TV in New York, KCOP in Los Angeles and WPTV in West Palm Beach.

As a five-time embedded journalist in Iraq and Afghanistan, Malloy often shot his own footage. He also has extensive experience in political reporting and has covered presidential campaigns, reporting live from eight conventions. Malloy has a BA in English from Hamilton College.


April Kleinman, associate director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, oversees operations of the poll's two facilities and 200 interviewing stations. She is responsible for data collection and analysis processes.

She is the contact person for requests for additional polling data including archived poll results. She helps coordinate questionnaire and sample design and is responsible for project coordination, production, and performance standards.

Kleinman has a BA in psychology from Southern Connecticut State University.


Mary Snow, polling analyst for the Quinnipiac University Poll, is a broadcast journalist with years of experience reporting on politics and the economy. She is a spokesperson for the New York and New Jersey polls.
As a former correspondent for CNN, she reported on everything from presidential elections to congressional and state races, financial markets and breaking news events. Her career includes work at Al Jazeera America, Yahoo, Bloomberg and WPIX-TV in New York where she won two Emmy Awards.
Snow has a BA in political science from Fordham University and is based in New York City.

Other Quinnipiac University Poll Staff:
Mark Bouchard, manager of survey operations,
Victoria Dest, assistant manager of survey operations,
Carmen Carranza, assistant manager of interviewer operations,
Dorothy Donarum, manager of interviewer operations,
Sarena Boulier, polling institute assistant,
Samantha Stella, assistant to the director,
Jean Amazan, survey call center operations manager,

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