"Pennsylvanians are feeling good about their state and its economy and that seems to be helping Gov. Tom Wolf's job approval rating," said Mary Snow.  Read the full release

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The May 16 Pennsylvania poll found Gov. Wolf gets all-time high approval; voters support Medicare opt-in, not Medicare for All.

The May 15 Pennsylvania poll found Biden leads Trump 53 - 42 percent in Pennsylvania; former VP tops all Dems in primary matchup.

The May 8 Hamden poll found police shooting not justified, residents say 6-1; approval of local police is 2-1, with racial differences.

The May 2 national poll found U.S. voters still say 2-1 Trump committed crime; but voters oppose impeachment 2-1.

The April 30 national poll found Biden surging among Democrats in presidential race; U.S. voters support wealth tax, oppose free college.

The April 11 California poll found death penalty divides California voters; governor should investigate horse racing, voters say.

The April 10 California poll found Biden leads among California Dems; 67% of women say Biden touching issue is not serious.

The April 4 New York City poll found Yankees win the hearts of New York City baseball fans.

The April 3 New York City poll found mayor, first lady get lukewarm grades; voters say 4-1 de Blasio should not run for president.

The April 2 New York City poll found congestion pricing won't work, New Yorkers say; voters say scrap elite school test, increase diversity.

The March 28 national poll found Biden is on top of Democratic presidential pack; most voters say they definitely won't vote for Trump.

The March 27 national poll found 75% of Americans optimistic about financial future; economic news does not reflect real world, they say 2-1.

The March 26 national poll found 84% of U.S. voters want to see Mueller report; Dems divided on support for Israelis or Palestinians.

The March 21 New York State poll found Biden is by far the most favored Dem in New York State; 64% of New Yorkers say they won't vote for Trump.

The March 20 New York State poll found voters support Amazon-type deals 2-1; 35% of New Yorkers expect to move for better life.

The March 14 Florida poll found 51% of Florida voters say they won't vote for Trump; Biden is most favorable Dem by wide margin.

The March 13 Florida poll found satisfied voters give governor best score in 10 years; voters oppose arming teachers, school officials.

The March 6 national poll found U.S. voters oppose Trump emergency powers on wall 2-1; 86% back Democrats' bill on gun background checks.

The March 5 national poll found 64 percent of U.S. voters say Trump committed a crime; president gets mixed grades for North Korea.

The February 28 Texas poll found Biden, Sanders, O'Rourke tie Trump in Texas; Cornyn, O'Rourke in dead heat in 2020 Senate matchup.

The February 26 Texas poll found the wall cuts Texas voters in half; but voters oppose emergency powers by wide margin.

The February 20 Virginia poll found almost half of Virginia voters say governor should not quit; voters split on whether Fairfax should resign.

The February 6 California poll found Dems excited about Biden and Harris; 43% of voters say they can't afford to live here.

The January 31 New York City poll found citizenship question will reduce Census response; most expect question will discourage immigrants. 

The January 29 national poll found U.S. voters trust Pelosi more than Trump on big issues; 2-1 support for no-wall border solution.

The January 24 New York State poll found voters split on plastic bag ban; 7-1 support for red-flagging risky gun owners.

The January 23 New York State poll found Bloomberg tops list of New Yorkers in limelight; Gillibrand approval rating drops.

The January 15 national poll found shutdown does not change Trump's already bad grades; Trump approval for handling economy down slightly.

The January 14 national poll found U.S. voters back Dem plan to reopen government 2-1; more U.S. voters say Trump TV address was misleading.

The December 19 national poll found Biden has top score among Democratic presidential contenders; U.S. voters say 3-1 any president should face indictment.

The December 18 national poll found U.S. voters say no wall and don't shut down government; focus on issues, not impeachment, voters tell Dems 7-1.

The December 5 New York City poll found New Yorkers give Amazon a prime 2-1 welcome; but voters are divided on tax breaks to make the deal.

The November 20 national poll found U.S. voters give Trump highest grade ever on economy; voters say 2-1 Dems in House is good, as Dems back Pelosi

The November 5 New Jersey poll found Menendez has 15-point lead in Senate race; independent voters swing back to Democrat.

The November 5 Florida poll found Nelson has 7-point lead in Florida Senate race; Gillum also up by 7 points in governor's race.

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Frequently cited by journalists, public officials and researchers, the independent Quinnipiac University Poll regularly surveys residents in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and nationwide about political races, state and national elections, and issues of public concern, such as schools, taxes, transportation, municipal services and the environment.

Known for its exactness and thoroughness, the Quinnipiac poll is featured regularly in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and on national network news broadcasts. In 2010, respected public opinion polling analyst Nate Silver ranked the Quinnipiac University poll as most accurate among major polls conducting surveys in two states or more. The Quinnipiac poll was also called "the standout performer" by City and State for the most accurate prediction in the Democratic primary for New York City mayor in 2013.

The Asbury Park Press wrote, "The Quinnipiac University Poll is considered the gold standard in the business, frequently lauded by USA Today and other national media organizations for its information and accuracy."

For a typical public opinion survey, a randomly selected sample of about 1,000 registered voters age 18 and over is interviewed over five or six days. The polls are conducted at the Polling Institute on West Woods Road, close to the Mount Carmel and York Hill Campuses.

The Quinnipiac University Poll can be contacted at 203-582-5201 or by email.

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