October 2, 2014 - Women Ring Booker's Bell In New Jersey Senate Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Republican Challenger Is Little Known Quinnipiac University Polling Logo
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With a big lead among women voters, first-term U.S. Sen. Cory Booker leads Jeff Bell, the Republican challenger 51 - 40 percent among New Jersey likely voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Women back Sen. Booker 55 - 35 percent while men are divided with 47 percent for Booker and 45 percent for Bell, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds. This survey of likely voters can not be compared to earlier surveys of registered voters.

Booker leads 91 - 4 percent among Democrats and 49 - 40 percent among independent voters. Republicans back Bell 85 - 10 percent.

Five weeks before Election Day, 79 percent of voters say their mind is made up and 19 percent say they might change their mind.

"Political observers have been saying New Jersey's freshman Senator, Cory Booker, is a shoo-in against Republican challenger Jeff Bell. Thanks to a big lead among women, things are looking good for the incumbent," said Maurice Carroll, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

"If history cheers Republicans, they'll note that the last Garden State celebrity Senator to lose was beaten by...Jeff Bell. In a Republican primary, he beat Clifford Case, a darling of the New York editorial pages but distant from his New Jersey constituents. More history: Another celebrity, NBA star Bill Bradley, beat Bell."

By a 54 - 26 percent margin, New Jersey likely voters have a favorable opinion of Booker. Meanwhile, 65 percent of voters haven't heard enough about Bell to form an opinion of him.

Their U.S. Senate vote is a vote for President Barack Obama, 16 percent of likely voters say, while 28 percent say it's a vote against Obama and 54 percent say the president is not a factor in their Senate vote.

"President Barack Obama has gone down, down, down around the nation, but most New Jerseyans say he's not a factor in their Booker-Bell vote," Carroll said.

From September 25 - 29, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,058 likely voters, with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points. Live interviewers call land lines and cell phones.

The Quinnipiac University Poll, directed by Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D., conducts public opinion surveys in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and the nation as a public service and for research.

For more information, visit http://www.quinnipiac.edu/polling, call (203) 582-5201, or follow us on Twitter.

1. If the election for United States Senator were being held today, and the candidates were Cory Booker the Democrat and Jeff Bell the Republican, for whom would you vote? (If undecided) If you had to choose today, would you vote for Booker or Bell? (Table includes leaners)
                     LIKELY VOTERS.........................
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom
Booker               51%    10%    91%    49%    47%    55%
Bell                 40     85      4     40     45     35
SMONE ELSE(VOL)       1      1      -      2      1      1
DK/NA                 8      4      5     10      6      9
1a. (If candidate chosen q1) Is your mind made up, or do you think you might change your mind before the election?
                     LIKELY VOTERS................
                     CANDIDATE CHOSEN Q1..........
                            CANDIDATE OF CHOICE Q1
                     Tot    Booker Bell
Mind made up         79%    76%    84%
Might change         19     22     16
DK/NA                 1      2      1
2. Is your opinion of Cory Booker favorable, unfavorable or haven't you heard enough about him?
                     LIKELY VOTERS.........................
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom
Favorable            54%    29%    79%    52%    51%    56%
Unfavorable          26     50      4     29     33     20
Hvn't hrd enough     18     19     15     17     15     21
REFUSED               2      2      2      3      1      3
3. Is your opinion of Jeff Bell favorable, unfavorable or haven't you heard enough about him?
                     LIKELY VOTERS.........................
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom
Favorable            25%    48%     9%    22%    31%    19%
Unfavorable           8      2     14      7      8      8
Hvn't hrd enough     65     48     73     69     58     71
REFUSED               2      2      4      2      3      2
4. Do you think of your vote for United States Senator as a vote for Barack Obama, or as a vote against Barack Obama, or isn't Barack Obama much of a factor in your vote?
                     LIKELY VOTERS.........................
                     Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Men    Wom
For Obama            16%     3%    31%    11%    11%    20%
Against Obama        28     51      6     28     29     26
Not a factor         54     45     58     57     56     51
DK/NA                 3      -      4      3      3      3

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