June 3, 1999 - New Yorkers Love NY And Say Tourism Is Important, Quinnipiac College Poll Finds; They Want Family And Friends To Come, Too Quinnipiac University Polling Logo
An overwhelming number of New Yorkers love -- or at least like -- New York and would recommend that family and friends come here for a vacation, according to a Quinnipiac College Poll released today.

And most Big Apple residents actually plan to spend several days this summer vacationing or sightseeing in their home town.

Asked to describe their feelings about New York City:
  • 46 percent of New York City voters say they "love" the City;
  • 28 percent say they "like" the City;
  • 22 percent say they have "mixed" feelings;
  • 2 percent say they "dislike' the City;
  • 1 percent say they "hate" New York.
Fifty percent of men "love" New York, while 44 percent of women "love" the City.

An overwhelming 84 percent of New York City voters say they would recommend that out of town family and friends vacation in the City.

Asked if they plan to spend time this summer vacationing or sightseeing in the City:
  • 24 percent plan to spend a few days;
  • 11 percent say they plan to spend about a week;
  • 6 percent say they plan to spend about two weeks;
  • 18 percent say they plan to spend more than two weeks;
  • 35 percent say they don't plan to spend any time as tourists in New York City.
"New Yorkers clearly feel good about their city," said Fran Reiter, president & CEO, New York Convention & Visitors Bureau

"They are more welcoming to visitors than ever before and seem sincerely to want to share with others what they enjoy -- the world's finest cultural institutions and the best dining, shopping, sporting events and entertainment," Reiter added.

"The fact that an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers recognize the value of tourism - with a total economic impact of over $20 billion and generating some 244,000 New York City jobs either directly or indirectly - is a sure sign that visitors will receive a warm welcome here," Reiter said.

"Forget all those old stereotypes. Most New Yorkers love or like their city and want others to love it, too," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac College Polling Institute. "They want family and friends to see their city and even admit that they plan to do some tourist stuff here themselves."

Tourism is "very important" to New York City's economy, according to 79 percent of city voters, while 17 percent say it is "somewhat important" and 2 percent say it is "not very important" or "not important at all.

Asked what they like to do most in the Big Apple:
  • 25 percent choose the theater, with responses identical among men and women;
  • 22 percent like museums, with 25 percent of men and 20 percent of women making this choice;
  • 22 percent prefer dining out, with 25 percent of men and 20 percent of women selecting this option;
  • 19 percent like to shop, with 12 percent of men and 24 percent of women choosing this;
  • 9 percent prefer sightseeing, with 11 percent of men and 7 percent of women selecting this.
"We have no comment on the fact that women prefer shopping 2 - 1 over men," Carroll said.

From May 10 - 17, Quinnipiac College surveyed 714 New York City residents who say they are registered voters. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.7 percent. The Quinnipiac College Poll, directed by Douglas Schwartz, conducts public opinion surveys in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut as a public service and for research.

Additional data attached.

22. How would you describe your feelings about New York City? Do you love New York City, like it, have mixed feelings about it, dislike it, or hate it?

                          Tot     Men     Wom

Love 46% 50% 44%

Like 28 26 29

Mixed 22 21 23

Dislike 2 1 3

Hate 1 1 1

DK/NA - 1 -

23. Would you recommend to out of town family and friends, that they vacation in New York City or not?

                          Tot     Men     Wom

Yes 84% 86% 83%

No 15 12 16

DK/NA 1 2 1

24. Do you plan to spend time vacationing or sightseeing in New York City this summer? IF YES: About how long do you think you will vacation or sightsee in New York City this summer? A few days, about a week, about 2 weeks, or more than that?

                          Tot     Men     Wom

A few days 24% 21% 26%

About one week 11 12 11

About two weeks 6 9 5

More than that 18 19 17

No Time 35 36 34

DK/NA 5 4 6

25. Which of the following do you most like to do in New York City -- Visit museums, shop, dine out, sightsee, or go to the theater?

                          Tot     Men     Wom

Museums 22% 25% 20%

Shop 19 12 24

Dine out 22 25 20

Sightsee 9 11 7

Theater 25 24 25

OTHER(VOL) 2 2 2

DK/NA 1 1 1

26. How important do you think tourism is to New York City's economy? Very important, somewhat important, not very important or not important at all?

                          Tot     Men     Wom

Very important 79% 78% 80%

Smwht important 17 19 16

Not very imortant 1 2 1

Not important at all 1 - 2

DK/NA 1 1 -